Due To Events Of The Day

My beautiful pictureMy son has lost his merit badge,

Oh gosh, where can it be?

He has searched in all the right places,

But it he still cannot see.

Distressed is not the way to describe him,

Frantic is more the right word,

As on this badge he sees his gain,

His place within the world.

His endless hours of studying,

Are displayed on the badge face,

Proof of his excellence and intelligence,

Can be read in the words of ‘Second Place’.

When wearing it his confidence does not falter,

On his lapel, it glimmers and gleams,

I really hope that he finds it,

Even if the badge is not all that it seems.

As without it he will still be excellent,

A brain so eager to learn,

Without it he will still be knowledgeable,

Taking in a new concept at each turn.

Without it he will still be intelligent,

A logistical thinker throughout,

Without it he still is my darling,

Of this you know there’s no doubt.

So I say, I know your loss fills you with sadness,

I know your loss fills you with grief,

But do not let sorrow over come who you are,

Do not let it be the thief-

That robs you of all of your brilliance,

As it was just for display, just a thing,

As nothing and no one can ever take away,

The wonderful you that’s within.