I-t’-s A-b-o-u-t T-i-m-e


t has been so long – since I have visited you my friend,

he life I live became a whirlwind –  I thought it would never end,

ometimes I would think  about running back to you,

s my words needed an outlet, what was I to do.

B ut now I am back with a  vengeance – that you surely see,

O h yes, the words are flowing, gushing out of me,

U pon my keyboard fingers tap the letters in their rows,

T iredlessly finding ways to express the things they know.

T he thoughts are now abundant and I will not hold back,

I have a mind to declare a war and launch a word attack,

M ight was never my thing though, it’s not the way I choose,

E xpressive rhythmic wordings.. oh yes, that’s the method I use.