Memories Of Heathcliff and Cathy and such….

This past week I was going through the contents of my Kindle and I was reminded of the fact that my elder sister had put a copy of Wuthering Heights on there. Well, I got down to reading it right away. This fascinating story of obsessive love and heartbreak. I read and read and read until I reached the final page. It was as wonderful to take in now, as when I had first read it over twenty years ago.

I put my kindle down and turned to my PC, where I streamed a 2009 miniseries version of the book to view on-line. Starring Thomas Hardy, it was actually pretty good. It reminded me of the first ever film version I had seen of the Emily Bronte classic. It was a black and white version. I cannot recall when it was made or who the actors were, however I remember taking it in with my mother and enjoying every minute of it. I do recall being a little confused at the end though, but this was soon put to rights when I bombarded my mother with an onslaught of questions, which she happily answered.

What next came to mind was Kate Bush. I used to think she was crazy, growing up in the eighties. You have to admit; even now she is a little out there. I hated that Wuthering Heights song growing up. I loved Top of the Pops though and every week through the late 70’s and 80’s, my sister and I would tune in to hear and see the UK’s top 40 music count down. During the late 70s Kate Bush always seemed a constant at number one with that song. I started to get to like the chorus after some time and even now, I find myself singing it. The verses though, as they were to me then, remain a jumble of quotes set to music. I never really liked the flow, but to each their own. I sat glued to YouTube today however watching Kate dance her dance in white as she appealed to Heathcliff that it was Cathy and she had come home.  A smile sat on my face throughout.

People always comment on how I seem a little stuck in my ways with my love for eighties music and classic British literature, but you know my love for the music and the prose comes not from the content (O.K. sometimes it does), but more from the emotions they conjure up. As stated, I was not such big a fan of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights then and I’m still not a big fan of the song now. I know it’s supposed to be a classic, but it just never appealed to me. However, the song conjures up such great memories of my sister and me in our small bedroom in East London. Two black girls of Caribbean descent mimicking this woman’s style of singing and what we saw at the time as her crazy dance moves. These were the best of times. So do I hate the song? No. Would I switch it off it came on the radio? No. Why? Because it is able to bring me back to a time when happiness was abound, fun was my middle name and life was supreme.  The same can be said for the books also. I remember when I was first introduced to those classics. They were to be found on the shelves of Rabbits Library, Manor Park. Our local library that mum took us to every other week after school. Oh, such good times.

So just think about it. Memories usually materialise from the strangest of places, and these places usually fill us with joy. This is even the case when back in the day we may not have really liked the place. Sounds complicated right? Well it’s not really…. And I know that you know what I mean.