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Extra Extra… Read all about it……

Geraldine Bicette-Joseph has been a professional writer within the media industry for over 15 years. Having started writing for a national British publication when only 14, her love for the media continued to grow, leading her to pursue and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Media Studies from the University of East London. After leaving full time education her career within the industry grew, allowing her the opportunity to wear many hats within her field including host, voice over specialist, documentary producer, director, online editor and production manager.

However, her love for writing never faded, with her skills continuously being called upon to produce scripts for television commercials, television and radio documentaries, broadcast news, web content and magazine articles.

Now a globally recognised freelance writer, she has written her own series of books for children called, ‘The Brother’s Bear’. The series chronicles the many adventures that the bears embark on as they discover and get to know about the world around them.

Geraldine has also turned her hand to writing for greeting cards companies, radio plays and short stories for podcasts and has ran writing workshops for professionals within the media industry.


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