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Write Me A Poem

Write a poem for me he said,
But such things are not easy to do,
When writing such words describes how one feels
And reason behind actions too.
What will he say if he read my true thoughts?
When on paper they are finally laid down,
As my true feelings even though not often said,
In my writing is easily found.
What if I were to mask my words,
Make them complex and obscure,
But that is not me and how I do write
And so that offers me no true cure.
What if I choose a subject of sorts,
That relates to neither he nor me,
What am I kidding, by the second verse
The pen involuntarily would be roaming free.
So what does one do in a situation like this?
The options are limited so-
Not writing at all will hide all things inside,
Is that the only place left to go?
But I am a poet and writing I love
This is so real and so true,
Write me a poem is what he had said,
And that is what I’m going to do.

Write Me A Poem

Write Me A Poem


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